Discover the "Fun" in Fun Coast Tours

Locally operated and family-owned, Fun Coast Tours was born with the mission to add more fun on the coast! While driving around the city one day, we noticed there were many stories to tell in the area from the locals. With that, we created a tour by locals for tourists at a local price. We love telling people visiting the area about the fine history of Daytona Beach and showing sights that have kept many people coming back for years. But, we also love giving our fellow locals an unforgettable experience in their hometown! Our tours give an insight into how the locals live life and the many stories heard from them around the area, while creating a fun and safe environment for everyone. 

We began by doing segway tours in the area that kicked off sightseeing while telling the many stories we locals have heard over the years. We then transitioned into making the tours bigger, thus getting a bus to hold families on vacation or a group of friends. We have partnered with and created tours to fit any need for sightseeing in Daytona Beach. Join in on the fun with a bar crawl, beach segway tours, ghost tours, and more! There will always be a tour to fit you! 

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